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5th July 2013

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FEMA Signs “Exchange” Deal With Russian Government →

By Obama allowing Russian soldiers on us soil for “terror drills” he put into play the series of events that will play out to be the end of western civilization. Anyone with a brain would realize that you don’t leave your nation vulnerable to attack unless you plan on being attacked to further your fucking asshole satanic elitest dick head fuck faced agenda. I don’t feel the need to beat around the Bush anymore. Fuck these power hungry cum guzzlers and fuck everyone who is still too stupid to see what is going on right in front of their faces. I am going to be alive to see my parents AND children die in some fucking fema death camp because people’s heads are so far up fucking Kanye West’s asshole that they can’t even see what is so ridiculously obvious. people like us have been pointing this stuff out for how long now? And I still get an overwhelming response of naivete. If someone is able to look at the sky and see chem trails and clouds in the shape of perfectly drawn Sumerian gods because of HAARP trying to scare them while at the same time hearing in the news that Obama is about to sign away our lives for some dumb fuck nwo agenda - - and they still believe that all of this is just goof ball conspiracy theory, then there really is no hope. If people are really this dumb then I guess I am just going to enjoy the rest of my short time on this planet making peace with my friends and family because I am surrounded by idiots. The government isn’t even trying to hide this shit anyone. they actually did a study and discovered that over 80% of the time if Americana find out they are being lied to we just accept it. We say “Oh darn that sucks that there is coffins stacked five high going up miles of high way, but can I still check my Facebook status?”.. “What the nsa is logging everything I do or say on Facebook? mann…. oh well I gotta make sure my digital farm is doing well.”
I’m so fed up, I don’t know what to say anymore. I really thought I was helping to wake people up, social media was overflowing with people calling out these corrupt sons of bitches.. But they knew what to do. they put out that half assed Snowden hoax and everyone shut right the fuck up. alright I gotta go eat my toxic gmo’s. I paid extra for organic but Monsanto is protected. ohhhh we are fucked

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5th March 2013

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If this doesn’t open your eyes to how secret societies such as the illuminati and freemasons then we are in some serious trouble. This video is quite amazing. The illuminati is nearing their final stages of world domination and they will exterminate us like ants. Do your part in protecting this from happening to us. Watch and reblog. Enjoy =)

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