Where Conspiracy Theory Becomes Truth

4th March 2013


http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/bz/ →

Interesting yet disturbing information on a very potent anticholinergic psychoactive drug called bz or 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate being tested on unwilling soldiers for the benefit of the money hungry war machine. Just goes to show you that the upper elite DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. To them you are nothing more than a disposable commodity or a bunch of lab rats. As long as we play into their deception things will continue to get worse as they already are at an alarming rate. You are important, why allow big bro to use you then toss you aside like a paper cup? Right now they are doing a fantastical job of dumbing us down with flatscreens (forum for propaganda and mind control), social media - namely facebook (cia method for collecting and categorizing what you think to be private), drugs (in some cases.. Not all drugs are bad but they are being used as chemical warfare for two important reasons a) to drastically wipe out the majority of the world’s population. How do you think so much heroin is making its way across our borders into lower to upper middle class neighborhoods and killing one after one of our own civilians b) the ones that do survive have not a choice other than to be admitted to jails/institutions where mind control reprogramming is reinforced.. They make a huge point in changing your identity into ‘an addict for life’ and if you refuse to let yourself buy into that bs they tell you that you will surely die and your next step would then be twelve step program where more rigorous mind control will be enforced. You might wonder why these places would want you to believe that you will never be anything but an addicted scumbag. The answer is quite simple. There is tons of money to be made in rehabs. They want repeat business. If you leave your rehab program:notice the word program : with the frame of mind that you will be nothing but a junkie through the power of suggestion and a dash of mind control for good measure, then you are surely going to use again and the cycle repeats itself), cellphones (means of keeping track of your every move and your every sms, and also the profile that you build about yourself for free so that the cia/nsa/dod don’t have to do the work. Why would they when we are doing it ourselves free of charge! Smart devices, social media also turn many of us into shut ins and broken down socially sheeple. We sure aren’t going out to protest the orwellian laws being put into place as we speak taking away almost every freedom we thought we had. Hell why would we protect our rights? Surely someone else will take care of that and you have to beat your fruit ninja high score!). For now I’ll end this rant so you have a chance to soak it in. But I do want to tell you that the things I just mentioned are not to be meant as a criticism. It isn’t our fault that things are this way. From the moment were born cultural hypnosis has been spoon fed to us by media, religions, priests, etc. Although it isn’t our fault that we turned out this way, it IS our responsibility to try to change. Big government did a clever job at making us feel insignificant and this is by design). We are not insignificant, we are in fact much more powerful than they ( us to believe. The mind is a mighty tool and with some unity and love the evil in this world doesn’t stand a chance. I really hope this resonated with a couple people. And if it does share this kind of information with your peers.
Best of Luck in all of your endeavors,
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